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grand unification theory of c-realm discussion
szaszhareen wrote in fotcr
x-posted from the g+ group:

finding the ideal online discussion place for the c-realm has been difficult, has it not? facebook is lame, g+ is nascent and inadequate, the comments sections on the main site go unused and and unread, the vault forum remains a frosty and quiet place, the CR subreddit never took off, there's inadequate community support for starting a bbs forum (or is there?), not to mention that the one at the growreport forum doesn't get visited (that i know of), and since many listeners don't engage in such archaic internet pursuits as Livejournal or bbs forums, the point there is moot anyway. did i miss anything?

maybe a poll is in order. perhaps it's time to ask the participants in each fractured part of the discussion what an agreeable solution would be. maybe a universally accepted solution isn't available, but perhaps a quick inquiry to those who care as to what their best idea for an alternative would be might reveal a few common preferences that would allow for a consolidation into 1-3 channels?

the main discussion appears to happen on fb, g+ (thanks to kmo's encouragement), and the site itself. does anyone have an idea for a grand unification theory of c-realm discussion?

i like the LJ idea the most, but would certainly love to see a BBS hosted on the current wordpress iteration of the vault forum is cumbersome, but functional.

the LJ community seems like a great idea to me, because of anecdotal evidence in my personal friend sphere of a partial egress back to the internet of 10 years ago, before everyone had the internet in their pocket, and the average post consisted of more than 128 characters.

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I'm not sure grand unification of anything is possible these days. Sadly, every portal is trying to be the be-all and end-all (in an attempt to become the place where the ad dollars flow as well).

Each portal puts in barriers to easy access and egress, and fights like heck to deny cross-platform comments. Really, I know it's to fight spam, but how many times do I have to identify captchas to post outside LJ once?

I'd even be fine with un-unified and scattered posting places, as long as it was easy to come and go to and from them. That would be more community oriented, I'd say.

yeah, it would be great if the various places i visit didn't all require different password types. signing in and out of a bunch of places gets old.

i suppose the conversation will stay fragmented. maybe the way things are, is the way they should be - and that's ok. :)

Yeah, it does seem that fragmentation is the order of the day. I'm still annoyed that so many LJ users fled to the four winds over what (to me) seemed like a series of minor political/technical bumps.

LJ continues to be a great place for discussion, though.

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