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Die Early Die Often
raccoonsounds wrote in fotcr
Vote early and vote often is a generally tongue-in-cheek phrase used in relation to elections and the voting process. Though rarely considered a serious suggestion, the phrase theoretically encourages corrupt electoral activity, but is used mostly to suggest the occurrence of such corruption.

I refernce this phrase as a touchstone for another phrase. "Die early and Die often" (hense forth referenced as DeDo)

DeDo is a phrase used in software program testing. If one wants their software to be truely robust, one must use a testing environments that finds many failures early, rather than having your software crash later. And While we're on the subject of software engineering, Lets talk about Google's plan to reward top engineers with life entention technology.

DeDo will be used (maybe ironicly due to its tech origin) as a rallying cry by tech luddites (those that spurn technological innovation, and instead relish low energy appropirate technology)

Already we live in a country in which medical care is dolled out in an unequitable manner. (Been to the hospital on foodstamps recently?) This trend with the advent of life extention technology will continue perhaps exponentioally. Those at the lowest rungs of the ecnomic ladder being religated to a low energy future while future power elites will gobble up energy sources to augment their warped brain geographies.

Two ficitional examples (In the savage reservation in Huxley's Brave new World or the low energy permaculture cities of Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing,) illustrate the mindset of the poor in our not to distant future as auqwardly co-existing with Tech-phillic socicity.Perhaps friendships will be forged between these Deis-ex-machedahs and fleshy meat people who do the dirty work in exchange for crumbs from heavens table. Perhaps the tech gods and gypsy nomads will live in an antgonistic stalemate. But perhaps these tech-gods will bee mean spirited assholes with statisical analysis in their brain where their human empathy glads used to reside . If this is the case, and if our biosphere can still support organic life, I can imagine confrontation.

DeDo might bee seen by those in these low energy societies as a religious or spiritual mantra, a copeing strategy to deal with their adverse life conditions. What a strage place it might bee for a child in the world living next to, or fighting against beings who seemingly outlive them and their decendants.

"Papa why do we not live to bee 300 or more years old?" "Child We might Die Early, But we Also Die Often!" Buddism, or other religions which use reincarnation or other cylical afterlives, offers a potential mythology for these disadvantaged masses. Thru Reincarnation we come back into the mortal realm, For another round of battle with the robots. Or we come back as Bohdi Satvas sages again and again to build up an alternative society for those who feel spiritual emptiness in a techphillic world.

Dying Early and Often, is this not the way of ants, bees, and other colony animals who see not the imporatance of the individual unit, but rather the health of the whole hive as the most imporant? With such sort life spans, (from 5 to 7 weeks with honey bees) these entities are the most numerous speices on our planet and make up the bulk of the Biomass of our Earth Sphere.

Blessed Bee.


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