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The Dreded Fremen Thread
raccoonsounds wrote in fotcr
Originally posted by raccoonsounds at The Dreded Fremen Thread

The Harkonnen SeanMcMurchy
by ~s-mcmurchy

KMO gave friendsofthecrealm book club throw down Oprah style, while meanwhile blasting us, the loyal listeners with hardcore Positivity training, and get rich quick scheeming again Ala Oprah, I decided to humor the poor smuck who's probably dipping into the ludes again, and go along with his audacious challenge and My summery goes a little somthing like this.

Moral of the Story: The strong, are they who surive underground in tight knit communities taking psycedelic spice, while power hungry beaurocrats and oligarchs fuck eachother over, both economicly, militarily, and personally, all because some buddist witches are trying to get the kings kids to shack up and make them them some aryian children...

Main Relavance to C-realm.
Trans pacific partnership = CHOOAM house of arrackuz being squeezed in a big way.

Jouranlism in a Public Good = The ill informed, make bad decisions,as goes the Orange Catholic Bible. Frank Herbert worked for a newspaper as his main sorce of income for many years, the guy obviously has some insight into the news business. ((( thinking machine allow bad decisions to become magnified x^e fold times)))

Manifesting in Meat Space = Frank Herbert is such a visionary thinker that he, delves tech ludite style, into all that techutopian jerkoff dreams of space colonies, and alien empiralism... Bene Gesserites hate computers and so do I, wish my favorite podcaster didnt' live inside one.,

I hearby propose as president of the c-realm fan club we will cloak ourselves in sci-fi geek camoflouge and become the mythology of the Dune Sagas, even to the extreme of reading his son Brian Herbert's painfully detailed in their remeberances of father's bed time stories. prequals and sequals, son of the prophets son of the profit right?

more essayey type thoughts.

Dune is a novel set in a fictional world of arrakaz, where power hungery galactic overlords vi for the powers to exploit the resources of a dessert planet.

The story revolves around three main forces The Harkonnen, The Atreites, and the Fremen
The Harrkonen, a family of redheads with a penchant for pedophila, are portrayed by Herbert as hyperbolicly evil always treating those they rule with distain and often dealing out vicious
Their home planet is a greasy world of black oiled pollution where teams of slaves are punished for any type of insubordination.

The Atreites are portrayed by herbert as hyperbolicly good. They are a class of noble rulers who, representing the more altruistic aspects of our society,
treat their people with respect and kindness and have the blessings of their people to rule.

Then the wildcard in Frank Herbert's deck, the Fremen, who are portrayed as hyperbolicly enigmatic, are a race of wandering nomads settling on Duner millennia before the struggle of galactic
powers came to colonize and exploit. In their enigmatic culture whoes memes spiral around saving water, and being aware of the landscape lead to their survival where no others can live.

The Fremen have been cultivating a clandestine society that live for simple familial and dessert pastoral pleasures and have despite the harsh terrain of the desert planet

I feel as though the Dune mythology has much to impart upon our contiouness and I can imagine myself using the archetypes and imagery in this book, to teach my young son about the world.

Frank Herbert himself was a remarkable man whose son followed his vision and work ethic to write many sequals which examine the complex interrelations that technology and culture have on galactic time scales.

These three societies that i mention HarkkonAtreities and Fremen can bee seen as various memetic pools existing to us today, that we can draw
from to make desisions about
about the way we live our lives.

Thru religious craft, ritual, and informed psycedelic use, the Fremen were able to control the galaxy, and gleen insights into their world.

Fremen treat their planet with the same way they treat their breathern, with utmost respect
How was it that a religious order was able to shape the destiny of the galaxy?
We are the clandestine culture we've been waiting for

MORAL OF THE STORY! We must form dispursed netowrks of baroque beauty so intoxicating as to bewitch the minds of our co-cospiretors with the utmost distain for the non-distrubuted and the non-fractal...


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