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[sticky post]Why ANOTHER Friends of the C-Realm Community?
kmo wrote in fotcr
Because Facebook and G+ seem to design for people who mostly want to post links to YouTube videos, on-line petitions and leave very short, superficial comments. I want a place where I can write and read long comments and have in-depth discussions with C-Realm listeners, guests, and people interested in having the sorts of conversations I remember from the 00s, before the web was re-designed to fit in your pocket.

In creating the group, I forbade "adult content," but really, I want to have grown-up discussions here. It's just that "adult content" is new speak for pornography. What else might "adults" be interested in?

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Aaaaaaand here we are again.

Facebook/Twitter/G+ are designed to be superficial, of-the-moment, surprising. Which I like, but it's an entirely different goal than producing carefully-considered long-form content and in-depth discussion.

I still love LJ for long-form discussion. Threaded comments are amazing.

Edited at 2013-05-23 07:08 pm (UTC)

As I am constantly hovering over the "delete this account" button on the F and G platforms, I'm glad we have this as an optional venue for online interaction. Thanks.

glad you made the jump back to LJ! I'll definitely be checking back here more often than g+ or fb. I agree that for purposes of discussion, BBS forums and simple journals like LJ beat the hell out of the new web 3.0 that is geared toward tiny screens, tiny posts, banal links and pictures of babies. internet luddites of the c-realm, rejoice!

Thanks, szaszhareen. Now, let's see if I can post this reply from my Gmail inbox...

looks like it works! I'm replying from gmail now. what's the best way for users to start new comments or topics on the LJ page?

I think any group member can post to the group. There's a nav bar at the top of the page with an option for "Post to journal." When you click on that, you'll get a message composition window. The default will be to post to your own LJ, but you can select the option of posting to a group. Would you give it a try and see if that works?

lol, thanks. i just figured it out. post in is moderation. :)

You can edit your posts by clicking on the pencil icon in the line with the red x, the pin, and the snowflake.

the trusty pencil icon. thanks!


Is there a podcast this week?

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