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x-post from g+ on orlov's new book and interview suggestion
szaszhareen wrote in fotcr
x posting this since it's too long for the short form of g+:

just received my copy of the five stages of collapse: survivors toolkit by dmitry orlov. it's a great read so far, especially since even the first chapter cuts through most of the kindergarten-level stuff that anyone familiar with the topic can already recite by heart even after imbibing a large quantity of alcohol, and gets right into the nitty gritty of suggestions on how to weather collapse, even going so far as to provide real world examples.

I'm excited to see this sort of writing beginning to emerge from the repetitive screeds we're used to reading around the peak everything/collapse blog & book-o-sphere. i imagine that i'm not alone in finding myself wondering how exactly I'll stumble through the coming events (as well as those already occurring all around us), and it's heartening to read some concrete suggestions on what individuals and groups can do to collapse in style now, and avoid the rush (to awkwardly concatenate two quotes by orlov and greer).

I'd really love to hear about individual responses to collapse discussed on the c-realm. ideas on how to make societal breakdown less painful have certainly been presented, here and elsewhere, but there remains a dearth of individual voices speaking about how they're adapting in place. I think the c-realm would be a great place to do this, and would like to suggest having dmitry back on the podcast to explore this emerging and different aspect of the narrative. as an example, I would love to hear a c-realm interview with orlov that, rather than simply rehashing the bad news, focuses entirely on life aboard a boat.

i feel like this part of the conversation doesn't get enough airtime, both on the c-realm and elsewhere. the above mentioned interview could begin another recurring topic on the podcast - where individuals are asked to speak not just about the abstract matters of collapse, but how they're dealing with it themselves on an individual level. not all of us own a doomstead, tend a garden, live on a boat or even personally know someone who does.

i think this last bit, the fact that many people feel isolated, without any other individuals in their personal lives who understand peak oil and the collapse narrative, makes it all the more important that phenomena such as the c-realm create a place where personal, practical stories on adapting to collapse can be heard.

an exploration of the way people are collapsing today would go a long way toward helping others who have been atomized out of interpersonal and practical understanding to see how other people are coping, even thriving, on the way down hubbert's peak, which would in turn help them create a better situation for themselves. I think the c-realm would be the perfect place for this discussion.

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It's just a matter of getting the reading done

I do plan to have Dmitry back on to talk about his new book and about the Age of Limits conference (which is going on right now), but I have not even started reading his new book. So many books, so little time.

I just listened to this interview with Dmitry on the Kunstlercast:

It's all about his childhood experiences moving from the Soviet Union to the USA and about his back and forth existence.

Right now I'm reading this book:

Chip Walter will be the guest on the next episode of the C-Realm Podcast. He is a repeat guest, but he hasn't been on since episode 90: Kiss of C.

Re: It's just a matter of getting the reading done

i know what you mean. last night was the first time in months i've sat down with a book and powered through a chapter. i've developed the bad habit of spending time cruising reddit or keeping up with several peak/collapse/finance blogs or watching netflix, rather than reading the books i've obtained. the time i spent with dmitry's book was well worth it.

thanks for pointing out that episode of the kunstlercast, i've actually never listened to that particular program before. I'm looking forward to the chip walter episode as well.

it would be great to hear about dmitri's experience of life on the water. I hope there's time in a future interview for some of those stories. have you met anyone in your travels in NYC that is doing anything similar? by similar i don't necessarily mean living on a boat, but who is building a collapse-resistant niche for themselves in an urban environment.

I'm really interested in this topic, but haven't been able to find much dirt on it. sites and ideas on doomsday prepping and building sustainable rural communities abound, but I've yet to find many stories on or from people collapsing intentionally in a city, except for dmitry.

i really enjoyed the episodes with ben mcleish, btw. definitely my favorite recent CR/CRV episodes. the overall transformation and growth of the c-realm has been a joy to experience.

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