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star trek fan films
szaszhareen wrote in fotcr
at the alamo drafthouse movie theaters, each film is preceded by a short montage called a preshow which is put together out of relevant video clips. i had the pleasure of witnessing one of these prior to star trek: into darkness which was made up of clips from the star trek vhs board game (which i have), and clips from various low budget fan films. the film clips were hilarious, but I've been unable to locate exactly which films they're from (i'm still waiting for drafthouse to reply to my email). however, in my quest for these treasures, i've stumbled upon one that is reasonably funny. i give you star trek: the pepsi generation.

apparently i can't embed a video here, so click here to see it.

there are quite a few serious fan productions as well, such as star trek: intrepid, which can also be found on youtube. if anyone's been feeling withdrawals since enterprise got cancelled, there is a goldmine of material out there to scratch the star trek itch.


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